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Sunday, 01 March 2009 22:33 administrator
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Palettes Reborn Worlds Retold - By John Bowles,

Celebrated abroad but little-known at home, Mithila art is inventing itself in new and astonishing ways.

 In recent years, a number of truly accomplished Mithila artists have been painting original and sometimes surprisingly innovative works which have become increasingly exhibited and recognised abroad, from Japan and the US, to South Africa, France, Australia, Germany, Mexico and even Iceland. Yet these artists remain virtually unknown within India itself. That may soon change, thanks to the appearance of a significant publication and an accompanying exhibition — “Mithila Painting, The Evolution of an Art Form” — on next year at both galleries of the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi between January 14 and 26. Those who thought that Mithila painting had irrevocably degenerated into an unoriginal souvenir-quality craft will discover that it has instead been undergoing an astonishing efflorescence — the latest in a series of ‘renaissances’ since these arts were first admired by visiting foreigners over 70 years ago.  Read Full News Article

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