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Friday, 26 March 2010 07:41 administrator
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Hi Friends,

With mixed emotions and some proud feelings, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that your website has completed 3 years and I believe it has given artists of Mithila paintings a platform where people from all over the world can see their work and appreciate them and also they can buy if they like some paintings.


For the past 3 years, I have been continuously working towards achieving the goal of bringing Mithila paintings on global map and I am doing this all alone. I am committed to help Mithila paintings artists and for this I need great support from you. Let’s work together and make a mark !


If you are an artist, I would request you to please provide the following details to make the process simple:


1.  Your direct contact details, your city.

2.  What are the paintings and articles you can prepare?

3.  What are the materials you use?

4.  Approximate rates, it would be great if you could prepare a price catalogue and send me. (the cheapest price that you can afford, it will be difficult for me to help you selling paintings if rates are higher than market rates).

5.  If required how soon you can make paintings(e.g 100, 200 paintings) and deliver to us?

6.  If required can you take orders for paintings on walls, what are the terms & conditions you have for this?

7.  Send few good photos(clearly visible) of sample paintings with your profile details, so that I can create a free album for you on the website. is your own website and you will feel proud to say that it is the #1 website in this category, but the running cost and efforts for its maintenance is getting higher day by day but I have decided to keep this website free for artists. Only thing I need from you is your support and also spread the awareness about this website among other artists & people you know. I am always there with you, for any queries you may reach me anytime on 98800 27443.


People who are not a Mithila painting artists can still help by writing articles, referring artists to this website, updating with the news of related exhibitions and events, books, biography of artists and so on..


Good Luck & Warm Regards


98800 27443

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My husband loved the paintings and we have already got them framed...they are looking absolutely superb!! Thank you so much for all the help and getting the paintings across to me in time, am really grateful. -  Rumeeta, Mumbai - 9th April 2010

Artists Speak


It’s very good to learn about different aspect of this art. It’s a pleasure to know about it. It’s a good way to preserve our culture and it has also given us unique recognition to our cultural. - Arvind Kumar - 3rd March 2010

Hi, Congrates for completing 3 Years. Keep it up. Ujjual - 25th March 2010

Hi, Thanks for taking so good care of our profile and arranging orders.  Sandeep, Delhi - 25th March 2010

Hi Kislay Ji, Thanks a lot once again!!without your help it would not be possible, definitely we will grow faster. Anamika Kumari, Mumbai - 7th April 2010

Hi  Nice to see your mail, and really gives me a ray o hope. Really excellent web site, which gives room for new as well experienced artist to show their interest towards Mithila painting. Anupama, Delhi - 5th March 2009

I was very glad when I saw your website, which is trying not only to promote this art form, but also giving the artists a platform where they can express themselves. A great many thanks to you for all your effort. Ananad, Delhi - 16th April 2009

Sir/Madam, After going through your site i was delighted to see that the traditional madhubani/mithila paintings belonging to Bihar is being made popular by your valuable efforts. Abhinava Aditya, Delhi - 17th June 2010

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