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Dear Friends,

Hope you are doing good. I am back with quarterly newsletter of for April –June 2010 .

Last quarter was very eventful and many more artists got associated with Some of them were successful in selling their paintings through this website and some of them were able to get long term contract with some corporate clients. Hope this trend continues in the coming quarter as well and Mithila paintings and its artists grow together.


I would like to discuss few things here that will help us organise and grow in a proper manner in future.

first thing that i would like to convey is about the contents of this website. I got mails from people claiming about the copyright violation of contents published on this site and demanded to remove them as soon as possible and they produced the links from where those contents were taken, and i had no option but to remove them from the website. I would like to request to people who are contributing towards this site by writing the articles or sending the paintings images that PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE CONTENTS OR IMAGES FROM OTHER SITE and send us. Try to write in your language and try to send the images that is taken by you. It will help making our own identity and we will feel proud. If you see this website, you might feel that there are some missing contents and I had to remove them because they were asked to be removed by the original owners of those contents. I would like to request you to send your original contents (text and images) on following topics to publish on this website:


- Style & techniques of Mithila Paintings

- The Tradition of Mithila Paintings

- Mithila Region 

- Mithila Art Institute 

- Regular exhibition & events news 


If you can send articles on some other topics as well that would also be great. The articles and images will be published with your details.


The second point i would like to tell you is about the exhibition we are planning to have in Ludhiana, Punjab. We are looking for around 10 Artists who can go and exhibit their art and also make paintings at the venue on demand. The whole process will take around 7-10 days. and the arrangement for food & lodging will be provided by us in a very good place with all the facilities. The interested artists can send their details either through mail at or call me on 098800 27443 as soon as possible and also mention your availability in the month of August/September.


The third thing I would like to tell is, if you are an artists and interested in providing training on Mithila Paintings please send the details mentioning your City, Timing and Fee. There are lots of inquiries keep coming for training, so it will surely help you.

I would like to thank all of you for the support and love this website is getting. 


Kislay Komal

98800 27443 


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Editorial Fri, 09 Jul 2010 11:41:38 +0000
3 Years of Hi Friends,

With mixed emotions and some proud feelings, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that your website has completed 3 years and I believe it has given artists of Mithila paintings a platform where people from all over the world can see their work and appreciate them and also they can buy if they like some paintings.


For the past 3 years, I have been continuously working towards achieving the goal of bringing Mithila paintings on global map and I am doing this all alone. I am committed to help Mithila paintings artists and for this I need great support from you. Let’s work together and make a mark !


If you are an artist, I would request you to please provide the following details to make the process simple:


1.  Your direct contact details, your city.

2.  What are the paintings and articles you can prepare?

3.  What are the materials you use?

4.  Approximate rates, it would be great if you could prepare a price catalogue and send me. (the cheapest price that you can afford, it will be difficult for me to help you selling paintings if rates are higher than market rates).

5.  If required how soon you can make paintings(e.g 100, 200 paintings) and deliver to us?

6.  If required can you take orders for paintings on walls, what are the terms & conditions you have for this?

7.  Send few good photos(clearly visible) of sample paintings with your profile details, so that I can create a free album for you on the website. is your own website and you will feel proud to say that it is the #1 website in this category, but the running cost and efforts for its maintenance is getting higher day by day but I have decided to keep this website free for artists. Only thing I need from you is your support and also spread the awareness about this website among other artists & people you know. I am always there with you, for any queries you may reach me anytime on 98800 27443.


People who are not a Mithila painting artists can still help by writing articles, referring artists to this website, updating with the news of related exhibitions and events, books, biography of artists and so on..


Good Luck & Warm Regards


98800 27443

Editorial Fri, 26 Mar 2010 07:41:11 +0000