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21. How To Sell Your Paintings?
(Sales & Exhibitions/Sell your Mithila Paintings)
If you are a Mithila painting artist, send us photos of your paintings with your profile on We will help you to sell out your paintings across the world through our  website ...
22. Link Exchange
( Exchange)
... - Dreaming Its Development- Mithila Paintings Mithila Cuisine -  Cuisines of Mithila Ang Desh, Bhagalpur, Angika Language - History & development of Ang Desh, the present Bhagalpur in Bihar, its Language ...
23. Catalogues
(Madbani Paintings - Resources/Books & Catalogs)
Susan Snow Wadley. 2002.Under the Banyan Tree: Ritual, Remembrance, and Storytelling in Performed North Indian Folk Arts. For the exhibition at Syracuse University, November 2002 to January 2003. Mithila ...
24. Books
(Madbani Paintings - Resources/Books & Catalogs)
... University of Bihar. 2004. Singh, Mani Shekhar. 1999. Folk Art, Identity and Performance: A Sociological Study of Maithil Painting. Ph. D. Dissertation, Department of Sociology, University of Delhi. Singh, ...
... a state award in 1969 and the national award in 1975. She was also conferred with Bihar Ratna Samman in 1984. Born in 1914, Sita Devi’s fans included the first President, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Lal Bahadur ...
... the development of traditional wall painting by women in Bihar, India from its folkloric sources to its current status as a vibrant contemporary art form," said Kate Eilertsen, Executive Director of the ...
Palettes Reborn Worlds Retold - By John Bowles, Celebrated abroad but little-known at home, Mithila art is ...
28. Buy Mithila Paintings / Books
(Sales & Exhibitions/Books and Crafts)
Note Card Boxes     Available at: de Saisset Museum Store             Book on Mithila Art   Mithila Painting: The Evolution ...
29. About Us
( Us) represents the intercultural moment when new perspectives arise and much that has been forgotten is rediscovered and replayed. The goal of ...
30. Shanti Devi - Artist Profile
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
Shanti Devi is the most celebrated Dusadh artist. She is one of the few dusadh painters who completed her high school education before she got married to a dusadh priest. ...
31. Ganga Devi - Artist Profile
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
Ganga Devi is a member of the kayasta or scribe community. She paints in the kachni or line style Ganga Devi draws her inspiration ...
32. Sita Devi - Artist Profile
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
Sita Devi lives in the village of Jitwarpur close to the Madhubani town. She is a member of the Mahapatra brahmin caste who paints  ...
33. - Goal
The goal of Sanskriti is to help its artists and this art get the recognition on global art map. represents the intercultural moment when new perspectives arise and much that has ...
34. Ang Desh, Bhagalpur, Angika Language
(Web Links / History & Culture)
History & development of Ang Desh, the present Bhagalpur in Bihar, its Language Angika, Art & Culture, Literature, Tourism and many other aspects ...

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