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1. Madhubani - The District of Madhubani Art
(About Mithila Paintings/What is Mithila Painting)
... arts and crafts.]   Madhubani district occupies an area of 3501 sq Kms. This district is bounded by a hill region of Nepal and extending to the border of Darbhanga District in the south, Sitamarhi ...
2. Madhubani Paintings - Techniques & Styles
(About Mithila Paintings/Style and Technique)
... depict the outlines. Bharni  Bharni means filling. In this style the subject is outlined with black and the enclosed areas are filled with vibrant colors like blue, yellow, pink, green, orange etc. Godna ...
3. Terms for Artists & Sellers
... give the Artists 5 Orders every year of various sizes.  - will not share buyer's contact details with Artists. - will tell Artists the requirement and they have ...
4. Franchise Opportunity
Looking for Business Expansion? Come, Join hands with SANSKRITI, open your art store under Sanskriti brand and increase the sales. Products: Madhubani Paintings Warli Paintings Glass Paintings Pattachitra ...
5. How To Sell Your Paintings
If you are a Mithila painting artist, send us photos of your paintings with your profile on We will help you to sell out your paintings across the world through our  website ...
6. Mithila Paintings Training
(Training & Workshops/Training)
We have associated with people who provides the training throughout the world. Please contact us for more details.   Indian Art & Craft Training Centers Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Patna, ...
The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalay, Southern Regional Centre, Mysore, is conducting a training programme under ‘do-and-learn’ educational series on the Madhubani painting. The 15-day programme ...
8. Artists Speak-1
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artists Speak)
... and really gives me a ray o hope. Really excellent web site, which gives room for new as well experienced artist to show their interest towards Mithila painting. Anupama, Delhi - 5th March 2009 I was ...
9. Be Original and make a mark
... with Some of them were successful in selling their paintings through this website and some of them were able to get long term contract with some corporate clients. Hope this trend ...
10. Nisha Upadhayay - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
... Angika   Nationality -             Indian Location-                 Bhagalpur, Bihar   Specialization: Mithila Paintings on Saree, kurti, stole and other dress material. Please view my ...
11. Indira Seshadri - Artists Profile - Madhubani Paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
Buy Mithila Paintings by Indira Seshadri   Buy Worli Paintings by Indira Seshadri Surrounded by the blue sky , lavish green fields and the blue oceans with rocky hills and snow white great peaks , she ...
12. Kanchan Mani - Artists Profile - Madhubani Paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
... TRUST  and supported by HANNS SEIDEL FOUNDATION,GERMANY. A couple of my paintings were selected and used in the website of an international workshop held in March ’10 at IIT,DELHI  Commercial Achievement ...
13. Monamika Jha - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
... 05/02/1985   - Material used(paper, clothes, canvas etc - We can make paintings with different size, materials on demand - If need more information please contact further. We can make more paintings ...
14. 3 Years of
... of Mithila paintings a platform where people from all over the world can see their work and appreciate them and also they can buy if they like some paintings.   For the past 3 years, I have been continuously ...
15. History of Mithila Paintings - Conclusion
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
If the Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, Kuchipuri, Odessy and the Satria dance forms can be retained in their originality (not of course in the water tight compartment) and get popularized day by day, why cannot ...
16. History of Mithila Paintings - Discussion
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
In Mithila, painting is normally done by women folk in three forms: painting on floor, painting on wall and painting on movable objects. Aripan, under the first category, is made on the floor with the ...
17. History of Mithila Paintings - Background
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
Like the diversity of India, its folk art also presents a huge canvas and depicts the cultural mosaics of this country in a very colourful style. This art can rightly be termed as an ocean of the folk ...
18. History of Mithila Paintings - Introduction
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
[The History of Mithila Paintings is provided by Dr. Kailash K. Mishra. Dr. Kailash Kumar Mishra is an anthropologist who works as free lance scholar and looks after the Bahudha Utkarsh Foundation as its ...
19. Pallavi Chaudhary - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
Click here to see and buy Mithila Paintings made by Pallavi Chaudhary    Personal profile-   Name     -                Pallavi Choudhary Date of birth -          04-02-1984 Father's name -       Mr ...
20. Sourav Jha - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
Click here to see and buy Mithila Paintings made by Sourav Jha Personal profile- Date of birth -          06-10-1987 Father's name -          Dharm nath jha Marital status -          Single  ...

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