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1. Madhubani - The District of Madhubani Art
(About Mithila Paintings/What is Mithila Painting)
[This piece of article is provided by Ms. SONAM DHINGRA who is a prominent art teacher at City Vocational Public School, Meerut, by profession and an artist herself. She has done in-depth research on indian ...
2. Madhubani Paintings - Techniques & Styles
(About Mithila Paintings/Style and Technique)
... courtship as a proof of a girl's accomplishment in the traditional art and on the walls of the house for magic protection    [The content of this article is provided by Ms. Sonam Dhingra. No one should ...
3. Terms for Artists & Sellers
Terms for Sellers/Artists   1. Terms for Basic Membership - will create an Artist's page with Artists profile and paintings images under Artists Section ( You need to send your ...
4. Franchise Opportunity
Looking for Business Expansion? Come, Join hands with SANSKRITI, open your art store under Sanskriti brand and increase the sales. Products: Madhubani Paintings Warli Paintings Glass Paintings Pattachitra ...
5. How To Sell Your Paintings
If you are a Mithila painting artist, send us photos of your paintings with your profile on We will help you to sell out your paintings across the world through our  website ...
6. Exhibitions
(Sales & Exhibitions/Exhibitions)
Year wise Place wise
7. Mithila Paintings Training
(Training & Workshops/Training)
We have associated with people who provides the training throughout the world. Please contact us for more details.   Indian Art & Craft Training Centers Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Patna, ...
... began on October 24. Renowned Madhubani artists, Mr. Ramvilas Paswan, Mrs. Urmila Devi Paswan and Mr. Shrawan Kumar Paswan of Jetwarpur, Bihar, are training about 26 people, who are evinced interest in ...
9. Artists Speak-1
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artists Speak)
  It’s very good to learn about different aspect of this art. It’s a pleasure to know about it. It’s a good way to preserve our culture and it has also given us unique recognition to our cultural. ...
10. Be Original and make a mark
  Dear Friends, Hope you are doing good. I am back with quarterly newsletter of for April –June 2010 . Last quarter was very eventful and many more artists got associated ...
11. Nisha Upadhayay - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
     Click here to see and buy Mithila Paintings made by Nisha Upadhyay     Name     -               Nisha Upadhyay Marital status -         Married Known languages - English, Hindi, ...
12. Daisy Yadav - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
...  Nationality -             Indian Location-                 NEW DELHI   About my art: I am a household wife but have a keen interest in madhubani paintings. I like this painting in its pure, original ...
13. Indira Seshadri - Artists Profile - Madhubani Paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
... is divinely and helps me capture a lot of my thoughts and bring in a free flow to my hands “ Thus started her interest , in arts and crafts , even when she was very young. Born and brought up in Pune, ...
14. Kanchan Mani - Artists Profile - Madhubani Paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
... “SAMIDHA” (an autonomous organization for “Madhubani Art “ affiliated to BIHAR LALIT  KALA ACADEMY.)Sep.’ 2000-Certificate Course with Grade-A in Godna Painting from “SAMIDHA”  Professional Achievement ...
15. Monamika Jha - Artists Profile - madhubani paintings
(Mithila Paintings Artists/Artist Profile)
  Click here to see and buy Mithila Paintings made by Monamika Jha   Name of Artist:                                                              :Monamika Jha Husband Name                                                              ...
16. 3 Years of
Hi Friends, With mixed emotions and some proud feelings, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that your website has completed 3 years and I believe it has given artists ...
17. History of Mithila Paintings - Conclusion
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
If the Bharat Natyam, Manipuri, Kuchipuri, Odessy and the Satria dance forms can be retained in their originality (not of course in the water tight compartment) and get popularized day by day, why cannot ...
18. History of Mithila Paintings - Discussion
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
... paste of arva (crude) rice. This rice paste is called pithar in the local language. Apart from the floor it is also made on banana and maina17 leaves and pidhi (wooden seats).   A woman or a girl does ...
19. History of Mithila Paintings - Background
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
Like the diversity of India, its folk art also presents a huge canvas and depicts the cultural mosaics of this country in a very colourful style. This art can rightly be termed as an ocean of the folk ...
20. History of Mithila Paintings - Introduction
(About Mithila Paintings/History of Mithila Paintings)
... them a unique personality today, as it has done in the past. In fact, these constitute enduring imprints on Indian consciousness. The 20th century is significant in many fields and art of course is ...

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